Research Grants (Therapeutic Radiology PI)


Bindra, Ranjit
AgencyGrant NameAgency Number
Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer (ALSF)Small-molecule Screening for Novel Pediatric Glioma Radiosensitizers
YCCI Just-in time Small Pilot Grants Utilizing Core TechnologiesDevelopment of Novel Methods to Assess DNA Repair Status in Primary Cell Culture Using Next Generation Sequencing
Joanna McAfee Childhood Cancer FoundationCreation of Inducible PAX3/7- FOXO1 Cell Lines for Synthetic Lethal Screening Studies
YCC PilotHigh-throughput Screening for K-ras Mutant Cell Tumor Radiosensitizers
YCCC T-TAREDNA Damage Response: The Achilles Heel of HPV-associated HNSCC
The Cure Starts Now/DIPG CollaborativePre-clinical Development of Novel DIPG Radiosensitizers
Matthew Larson FoundationCreation of Isogenic Pediatric Glioma Cell Lines for High-Throughput Drug Screening Campaigns
NIH/NCIDevelopment of a Novel Assay to Measure DSB Repair at Endogenous Loci in Cells1 R03 CA194967-01
Yale SPORE in Lung CancerHigh-throughput screening for K-Ras mutant tumor cell radiosensitizers
American Cancer Society-Research Scholar GrantPre-clinical Development of Mibefradil as a Novel Glioma Radiosensitizer128352-RSG-15-197-01-TBG
Yale Cancer CenterNanoparticle-Encapsulated Radiosensitizers for the Treatment of Glioblastoma Multiforme
Musella FoundationNanoparticle-Encapsulated Radiosensitizers for the Treatment of Glioblastoma Multiforme
The Pablove FoundationSmall Molecule Screening for Novel Rhabdoid Tumor Inhibitors

Brash, Douglas
AgencyGrant NameAgency Number
DODUVL, ROS, Pigmentation, Genetic Predisposition, and Epigenetic Gene Silencing in MelanomaW81XWH-10-1-0629
NIHYale SPORE in Skin Cancer2 P50 CA121674-07
L'OrealControlling Chemiexcitation in the Skin: Exploration of Dark CPD Production in Skin
Leo FoundationChemiexcitation in Human Disease

Carlson, David
AgencyGrant NameAgency Number
YCCCNon-invasive Imaging of Tumor Hypoxia in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Patients Undergoing Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy
American Cancer SocietyModeling Relative Biological Effectiveness and Oxygen Effects in X-ray, Proton, and Carbon Ion RadiotherapyIRG-58-012-52
Biomedical Advanced Research and Development (BARDA) within the U.S. Department of Health and Human ServicesIn Vivo Biodosimetry using Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) SpectroscopyHHSO100201100024C

Chen, Zhe
AgencyGrant NameAgency Number
NCIProstate Edema in Permanent Interstitial Brachytherapy5 R01 CA134627-03

Contessa, Joseph
AgencyGrant NameAgency Number
ASTROTargeting N-Linked Glycosylation to Radiosensitive Malignant Gliomas
YCCIEGFT: Therapeutic Target and Biomarker in NSCLC5 UL1 RR024139-05
NIHA Bioluminescent Screen for Inhibitors of N-linked Glycosylation5 R03 DA033178-02
American Cancer Society Institutional GrantTargeting N-linked Glycosylation in Non-Small Cell Lung CancerACS #IRG-58-012-56
American Cancer Society Research Scholar GrantTargeting N-linked Glycosylation in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
NIHTargeted N-linked Glycosylation to Advance Radiation Therapy1 R01 CA172391-01A1
NIHValidation of Quantitative 11C-Erlotinib PET for Imaging EGFR-Mutant Lung Cancer1 R01 CA195493-01

Decker, Roy
AgencyGrant NameAgency Number
MerckEvaluation of Vorinostat in Combination with Palliative Radiotherapy for Patients with Stage IV Non-small Cell Lung Cancer1 35468
RTOG-Clinical StudyRadiation Therapy Oncology Group1 U10-CA21661
SciClone Pharmaceuticals, Inc.A Phase 2b, Multi-center, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Three Different Doses of SCV 07
Deng, Jun
AgencyGrant NameAgency Number
NIH/NIBIBTracking Organ Doses for Patient Safety in Radiation Therapy1 R01 EB022589-01

Glazer, Peter
AgencyGrant NameAgency Number
NIHHypoxia, Genetic Instability and DNA Mismatch Repair5 R01 ES 005775-20
NIH (YCC Core)Cancer Center Core Grant3 P30 CA16359-32
NIHCisplatin Damage Response and Cell-to-cell communication5 R01 CA113344-05
NIHResearch Training: Radiation Therapy, Biology, Physics5 T32 CA009259-25
NIHDNA Repair in Cancer Biology and Therapy5 P01 CA129186-05
NIHDNA Repair in Cancer-Administrative CORE5 P01 CA129186-05
NIHGlobin-Targeted Correction of the Human Beta Globin Gene5 R01 HL082655-04
NIHEpigenetic Regulation in Hypoxic Cancer Cells5 R01 CA148996-03
Doris Duke Charitable FoundationNanoparticle-Mediated Correction of Sickle Cell Disease Mutation2011102
NIHNovel Triplex-Engineered BRCA1-mutated Cell Lines for Research1 R21 ES020538-01A1
Women's Health Research at Yale (WHRY)A Novel Antibody to Treat BRCA-deficient Cancers
YCCC T-TARENovel BRCA1-deficient Cell Lines for shRNA Synthetic Lethal Screen
YCCC T-TAREComprehensive Approaches for Understanding and Treating Melanoma Brain Metastases
NIHCell-Penetrating Anti-DNA Antibody for Radiosensitization and Cancer Therapy1 R01 CA168733-01A1
YCCC T-TARETargeting miR-155 with next generation peptide nucleic acids
NIHYale SPORE in Skin Cancer2 P50 CA121974-07
NIHBifunctional Antibodies for Melanoma Therapy1 R01 CA177719-01A1

Hansen, James
AgencyGrant NameAgency Number
Radiological Society of North America (RSNA)Targeting Cancer with Cell Penetrating Anti-DNA AntibodyRR1108
American Cancer Society Institutional GrantInvestigating Lupus Autoantibody-based Cancer TherapyACS-IRG #58-012-55
RSNA -Research Scholar GrantTargeting Glioblastoma with a Lupus Autoantibody
YCC 2014 PilotTargeting KRAS Mutant Cancer Cells with a Lupus Anti-guanosine Antibody
YCCI 2014 Scholar GrantTargeting Cancer with a Lupus Autoantibody
Patrys LimitedDeoxymab for Cancer Therapy

Jensen, Ryan
AgencyGrant NameAgency Number
American Cancer Society Institutional GrantBiochemical and Genetic Characterization of BRCA2 Sequence VariantsACS-IRG #58-012-55
Breast Cancer Alliance, INC. (BCA)Biochemical and Genetic Characterization of BRCA2 Sequence Variants
Women's Health Research at Yale (WHRY)Biochemical Identification of "BRCAness" in Breast Cancer
Ovarian Cancer Research FundA "Cellular Switch" to Modulate BRCA2-Mediated Tumor Progression
Liu, Wu
AgencyGrant NameAgency Number
The Elsa U. Pardee FoundationRadiotherapy: Monte Carlo Dosimetry Modeling
Yale Cancer CenterTumor-Targeted Delivery of Theranostic Gadolinium Nanoparticles

Low, Brooks
AgencyGrant NameAgency Number
Aviex Technologies, LLCDevelopment of an Attenuated Salmonella Vaccine for Avian Flu

Nath, Ravinder
AgencyGrant NameAgency Number
NIH (YCC Core)Cancer Center Core Grant3 P30-CA16359-32

Patel, Abhijit
AgencyGrant NameAgency Number
ASTROUltrasensitive Measurement of Tumor DNA in Blood as a Biomarker of Radiation ResponseJF2011-2
YCCICirculating Tumor-Derived DNA as a Biomarker for Cancer Treatment Response5 UL RR024139-05
Brozman FoundationNext-Generation Sequencing for Early Detection of Ovarian Tumor DNA in Blood
American Cancer SocietyAssessing Cancer Treatment Response by Measurement of Circulating Tumor-Derived DNA
YCCTumor-Derived Circulating Mutant K-ras DNA as a Biomarker for Radiation Response: A Novel Deep Sequencing Approach
YCCI TARETumor DNA in Blood as a Biomarker for Early Detection and Monitoring of Lung Cancer
YCCI Just-in time Small Pilot Grants Utilizing Core TechnologiesTumor DNA in Blood as a Biomarker for Early Detection and Monitoring of Lung Cancer
YCC PilotEarly Detection of New or Recurrent Ovarian Cancer Using Mutant Tumor DNA in Blood
LUNGevityDetection of Early-Stage Lung Cancers via Tumor DNA in Blood
Yale SPORE in Lung CancerNon-invasive monitoring of mutations in lung cancer via circulating tumor DNA
NIH/NCICirculating DNA as a Marker of Treatment Efficacy and Failure in Lung Cancer1 R01 CA197486-01A1

Rockwell, Sara
AgencyGrant NameAgency Number
NIHDNA Repair in Cancer5 P01 CA129186-05
NIHDNA Repair in Cancer-STIMULUS FUNDS3 P01 CA129186-04S2
NIH/NCCRClinical and Translational Science Award (YCCI)UL1 RR 023423

Rogers, Faye
AgencyGrant NameAgency Number
NIHAltered Helical Structures: Repair and Induction of Genomic Instability5 K22 CA120049-03
NIHAltered Helical Structures: Repair STIMULUS FUNDS3 K22 CA120049-03S1
Breast Cancer Alliance, INC. (BCA)Gene Targeted Apoptosis as a Therapeutic Strategy for HER2-Positive Breast Cancer278479
YCCC PilotNovel Therapeutic Strategy for the Treatment of Herceptin Resistant Breast Cancers
NIH/NCIGene-Targeted Apoptosis as a Treatment for HER2- Positive Breast Cancer1 R21 CA185192-01A1

Sweasy, Joann
AgencyGrant NameAgency Number
NIH-CORE BDiMaio-DNA Polymerase B & Cellular Transformation3 P01 CA16038-36
NIHCharacterization of a DNA Polymerase beta deficient mouse5 R01 CA116753-05
NIHDNA Polymerase Beta and Breast Cancer1 R21 CA127097-02
NIHDNA Repair in Cancer1 P01 CA129186-05
Subcontract-USCDNA Polymerase Fidelity Mechanisms: Theory and Experiment5 U19 CA10501-08
NIHDNA Polymerase Beta And Mutagenesis-Fidelity5 R01 CA080830-16
Women's Health Res at YaleModeling Breast Cancer Treatment in Humanized Mice
YCCModeling Breast Cancer Treatment in Humanized Mice
NIHDNA Polymerase Beta Variants and Cancer5 R01 ES019179-03
NIH-UVMStructure and Function of DNA Repair Enzymes5 P01 CA098993-07
YCCI-TAREThe DNA Repair Landscape of Breast Cancer
NIHCharacterization of a DNA Polymerase Beta Deficient Mouse2 R01 CA116753-06A1
NIHBase-Excision Repair and Autoimmunity1 R21 AI097756-01
YCCI-SPIRITUncovering the DNA Repair Landscape in Colon Cancer
NIHYale SPORE in Skin Cancer2 P50 CA121974-07
NIH/NIAIDThe Role of a PARP1 Genetic Variant in Development of Lupus1 R21 AI124055-01

Wilson, Lynn
AgencyGrant NameAgency Number
NCIRacial Disparities in Clinical Outcomes and the Therapeutic Use of Radiotherapy for Patients with Cutaneous Lymphoma1 R03 CA151153-01
Stanford ContractA Multicancer, Open-Label, Radomized, Phase I/II Study Evaluating the Safety and Efficacy of Low-Dose (12Gy)Total Skin Electron Beam Therapy (TSEBT) Combined with Verinostat versus Low Dose TSEBT Monotherapy in Mycosis Fungodes (MF)27136490-50891-B

Yu, James
AgencyGrant NameAgency Number
American Cancer Society Institutional Research GrantThe PICK Pilot trial: Prostate Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy versus Cyberknife Health Related Quality of Life (HRQoL) TrialIRG-58-012-52
YCCI Scholar AwardStereotactic Radiosurgery for Older Cancer Patients with Early Stage Non-small Cell Lung Cancer: National Patterns of Care and Comparison with Surgery
21st Century OncologyResearch Gift
PhRMA FoundationQuantifying the Benefit of Modern Cancer Therapy for Elderly Patients: A Population Level Measurement
Yale Cancer CenterReanalyzing the TARGIT-A Trial: A Novel Data Sharing Collaboration

Yun, Zhong
AgencyGrant NameAgency Number
NIHRole of Hypoxia in the Regulation of Cancer Cell Differentiation5 R01 CA125021-05
NIHEpigenetic Regulation in Hypoxic Cancer Cells1 R01 CA148996-02
YCCI-TAREStromal Microenvironment and Regulation of Clonal Expansion of Breast Cancer
AHAAdiposed Signaling and Cardiomyopathy11GRNT7970029
State of CT-STEM Cell Research GrantHypoxia and Maintenance of Human Cancer Stem Cells
YCC PilotA Genetic Oxygen-Sensing Mouse Model
NIHMalignant and Radioresistant Nature of Hypoxic Tumor Cells1 R01 CA178254-01A1